Waltner (Charles Albert)

Portrait of Charles Waltner,


Paris, Georges Petit, 1895.
after the painting by French portrait artist, Ferdinand Roybet (1840-1920), depicting the sitter, and the print’s etcher, Waltner, in characteristic period costume, bust-length and looking confidently out to the viewer. The small etched remarque of a young woman holding a rose, in the lower margin, is possibly of the Italian-born artist, Juana Romani, who was Roybet’s pupil and occasional model.

Charles Albert Waltner (1846-1925) studied painting under Jean Léon Gérôme and Léon Bonnat, before training in print-making with Henriquel-Dupont. He gained a high reputation and a strong following in both France and England for his renderings of portraits and figure groups by an array of masters, including Rembrandt, Burne-Jones, and several after Roybet. Waltner won the Prix de Rome in 1868, and was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in 1908..