Brewer (Henry William)



Supplement to The Graphic, May 12, 1888,
London, The Graphic, 1888.
a large composite of three primary panoramas of this thriving industrial city, the largest full-width central one shows ‘Glasgow from the Necropolis’, the lower centre one shows ‘West-End and Exhibition Buildings from the University Tower’, with detailed views of ‘The New Municipal Buildings’, and ‘University College Completed’, to either side, and the smallest upper centre one of ‘View from the Tower of the Central Hotel’, which has the sheet title ‘Glasgow’ superimposed over it, and has three smaller detail views to either side, comprising to the left ‘A Street by Night’, ‘A Street amongst Tombs’, ‘Gateway of Old College Rebuilt’, and to the right ‘The New Barony Church’, Landing Place and Harbour’, and ‘Govan Iron Works’,.