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British Topography

Buck (Samuel and Nathaniel)

The port of Dover,


Old Master Prints

Della Bella (Stefano, 1610-1664)

Paisages Maritimes, plate 5,


Art and Architecture

Dickinson (William)

The Right Hon.ble Lord Robert Manners, Captain of His Majesty's Ship The Resolution, April 12th, 1782,


British Maps

Faden (William)

The Roads of Great Britain,



Gosselin (Colonel Joshua)

Islands of St. Marcou, from E.S.E.,


Transport & Engineering

Naumann (Paul Hermann)

The Naval Demonstration at the Opening of the North Sea and Baltic Canal,


British Maps

Neele (Samuel John)

[A plan of the Isle of Dogs and Docks],


Art and Architecture

Nibbs (Richard Henry)

Fishing boats at Hastings,


Modern and Contemporary Art

Schwabe (Randolph)

Greenwich Hospital,


Art and Architecture

Shepperson (Claude Allin, 1867-1921)

On Board a Hospital Transport,

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British Topography

Turner (Joseph Mallord William) After.


Transport & Engineering

Vue d’optique.

La Mer Agitée et Naufrage de plusieurs Vaisseaux,