London Map Fair 2023: Mapping Uncharted Waters

London Map Fair 2023 - June 10 & 11 2023 [...]

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott OM, FRIBA (1880-1960)

Forward Planning – Rebuilding London... [...]

Not just penal reform

George Romney (1734-1802) and his hero John Howard (1726-1790) of Howard League fame... [...]

Valentine’s Day 2020

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I’d like to share these two anonymous French suites of erotica [...]

NASA Photography | Apollo 12 Moon Landing #OTD

A selection of NASA photography celebrating fifty years ago OTD, 19th November, 1969... [...]

A French impression of English politics

As if to prove nothing is ever new, could our current political times be merely [...]

From England to the City of Infinity

An exhibition of Italian paintings by Christopher Hall RBA RCA (1930-2016) in Italy this summer [...]

Low on the Lamb – somewhat Sheepishly

Lambing season is upon us, a chance once more to marvel at Low's Domestic Animals [...]

Equestrian Excellence Engraved

The ideal gift for anyone who fancies a festive flutter, one of these rare portraits [...]

A Chromatropic Chrimbo

I must thank the 1970s op-artist, Oliver Bevan, for creating this magical light show... [...]