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Modern and Contemporary Art

Ardizzone (Edward, RA, CBE)

The Bus Stop,


British Maps

Betts (John)

Betts's New Itinerant and Commercial Map of England and Wales,


British Maps

Bradshaw (George)

Bradshaw's Map of the Railways in Great Britain, shewing the projected lines to the present time,


British Topography

Buck (Samuel and Nathaniel)

The port of Dover,


British Maps

Cooper (J.)

Map of England, Wales and the Southern Part of Scotland,


British Maps

Evans (John)

[Map of North Wales]


British Maps

Faden (William)

The Roads of Great Britain,


British Maps

Freeman (Charles) Surveyor.

Plan of the East & West India Docks,


British Maps

Geographia Ltd. (Publisher)

Pictorial Plan of London,

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Kay (John)

A Whim - or a visit to the Mud Bridge,


Keller (Heinrich)

Keller's Second Road Map of Switzerland,

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Transport & Engineering

Pyall (Henry) after Thomas Talbot Bury.

The Tunnel,

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British Maps

Railway Clearing House (The ).

Official Railway Map of Scotland,

British Topography

Rowlandson (Thomas) After.

Dover Castle with the setting off of the Balloon to Calais,


British Maps

Smith (W.H., & Son) (Publisher).

W.H. Smith & Son's Plan of London,