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Cruikshank (George)

Management _ or _ Butts & Hogsheads,


William Naunton Jones, 1812.

Art and Architecture

Dickinson (William)

The Right Hon.ble Lord Robert Manners, Captain of His Majesty's Ship The Resolution, April 12th, 1782,


[William Dickinson], [1783].


Gillray (James)

A True British Tar,


Hannah Humphrey, 1795.

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Art and Architecture

Green (Valentine)

The Right Hon.ble Lady Jane Halliday, Sister to the Earl of Dysart,


Valentine Green, 1779.

Art and Architecture

Metz (Conrad Martin)

Study for the head of a man,




Nixon (John) After.

A Medley of Characters, a rare set of 4 large caricature plates,


William Holland, [c.1791] (4)

Art and Architecture

Sayer (Robert) publisher.

The Village Doctress,


Sayer, 20th June, 1787


Boydell, 25 June 1781