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Art and Architecture

Besoet (Iven)

Aan Zyn Doorluchtigheyt Willem Carel Hendrik Friso door Godsgende Prins van Oranje en Nassau,


Art and Architecture

Company School.

The Taj at Agra,


British Maps

Darton (William)

The Stranger's Guide Through the Streets of London and Westminster &c.,


Sports & Pastimes

Duplessi-Bertaux (Jean)

Suite des cris des Marchands ambulants de Paris,


British Maps

Fairburn (John)

London and Westminster, 1799,


Christmas 2022

Goos (Pieter)

De Cust van Barbaryen van out Mamora tot Capo Blanco, [on sheet with] De Cust van Barbaryen van Capo Blanco Tot Capo de Geer,



Gosselin (Colonel Joshua)

Islands of St. Marcou, from E.S.E.,


British Maps

Greenwood (Christopher and John)

Map of the County of Cornwall from an Actual Survey made in the Years 1826 & 1827,



Le Prince (Jean Baptiste)

Premiere Suite de Cris et Divers Marchands de Petersbourg et de Moscou,

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British Maps

Marchant (J.)

Brighthelmstone from an actual Survey,

British Maps

Mogg (Edward)

An Entire New Plan of the Cities of London & Westminster, with the Borough of Southwark, Comprehending the New Buildingsand other Alterations to the present time,



Page after Robinson.

A Beautiful View of the remarkable Cascade on the White River in Jamaica,


Christmas 2022

Ramusio (Giovanni Battista)

Sumatra, Taprobana,


British Maps

Smith (W.H., & Son) (Publisher).

W.H. Smith & Son's Plan of London,


British Maps

Speed (John)

The Countie of Radnor Described, and the Shyretownes Sittuatione,


Foreign Maps

Tirion (Isaak)

Nieuwe Kaart van het Oostelykste Deel der Weereld,


British Maps

Wallis (Edward)

Wallis's Guide for Strangers through London, 1838,