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British Maps

Andrews (John)

[Andrews's Accurate Map of the Country, Twenty-Five Miles round London], Sheet 7,


John Stockdale, 1807.

Art and Architecture

Barrow (Joseph Charles, F.S.A.) After.

Debden [St Mary and All Saints Church, Debden, Essex],


published by the artist, Barrow, and in Nottingham by the engraver, Parkyns, 1791.


for the Edinburgh Geographical Institute, [1903].

British Maps

Blaeu (Johan & Willem)

Essexia Comitatus,


Amsterdam, [c.1635].

British Topography

Buck (Samuel and Nathaniel)

The South-East Prospect of Colchester, in the County of Essex,



British Maps

Downes (C.)

A New & Correct Map of the Countries upwards of Twenty Miles Round London,


[Alexander Hogg], [1784].

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British Maps

Homann (Heirs of)

Regionis, quae est circa Londinum, specialis repræsentatio geographica,


Augsburg, 1741.

British Maps

Imray (James, FRGS)

Estuary of the Thames Compiled from Recent Government Surveys,


James Imray and Son, 1891.

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British Maps

Price (Charles)

The River of Thames from London to the Buoy of ye Noure,


William Mount and Thomas Page, [c.1695].

British Maps

Speed (John)

Essex, Devided into Hundreds, with the most antient and fayre towne Colchester Described and other memorable Monuments observed,


George Humble (but probably William Humble), [1627 or 1646].

British Maps

Weller (Edward)

Environs of London,


Weller for The Weekly Dispatch, [1862].

British Topography

Wilmore (James Tibbitts)

Tilbury Fort - Wind against Tide,


Art-Union of London, [1852].