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London Map Fair 2023: Mapping Uncharted Waters

London Map Fair 2023 - June 10 & 11 2023

Valentine’s Day 2020

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I’d like to share these two anonymous French suites of erotica [...]

NASA Photography | Apollo 12 Moon Landing #OTD

A selection of NASA photography celebrating fifty years ago OTD, 19th November, 1969...

A French impression of English politics

As if to prove nothing is ever new, could our current political times be merely [...]

From England to the City of Infinity

An exhibition of Italian paintings by Christopher Hall RBA RCA (1930-2016) in Italy this summer

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – a centenary tribute

A tribute to the Nobel prize-winning writer and dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, born on this day [...]

Wilfred Owen – A Requiem for War

Wilfred Owen died 100 years ago today, killed one week before Armistice Day; we reflect [...]

Bacon’s New Shilling War Map – Mapping the US Civil War

Mapping the US Civil War & lessons from history...

Tory Black & White Ball

The end of 2018 Conservative Party Conference: a reminder of different times via a caricature [...]